Tracking safes online

Guestroom safes that offer online tracking systems can improve a hotel’s operational efficiency, but they may not be a fit for all properties.

Online tracking can ease the checkout process by making it less likely that a guest will leave a personal item in the room safe, said Bill Oliver, president for North America, VingCard Elsafe.

“Because the safe is online, the front desk can either check to see if the safe is still locked or can get an automatic alert that the safe is still locked,” Oliver said. “So the clerk can ask [the guests], did you empty your safe?”


Hotel Wi-Fi cost or ROI?

Hoteliers are adopting an increasingly diverse array of strategies to generate money from hotel Wi-Fi to cope with the strain device-toting guests can put on a property’s bandwidth.

“The subscription model, which had been the previous way to offset the cost of Wi-Fi, is falling by the wayside,” said Brendon Kensel, president of MediaShift.

Kensel said that tiered bandwidth models, with lower-speed free Wi-Fi and higher-speed for a fee, are starting to increase in popularity, as well as Wi-Fi supported by 15- to 30-second splash ads displayed upon login.



Integrated: Locks head online in 2014

RFID locks offer the ability to interface with other hotel systems.

Online locks and tie-ins to other systems will be key trends in door locks in the year ahead.

“More and more hotels are looking at locks as part of a whole room automation and energy-management system,” said Alastair Cush, director of product marketing atKaba Lodging


Broadband infrastructure faces trouble keeping up with consumer demand

Guests are demanding more data than ever, but according to recent research, infrastructure in the United States is having difficulty keeping pace with the rest of the world in terms of broadband speed and price. “The Global Competitiveness Report 2013 – 2014” by the World Economics Forum ranked the U.S. at 35 out of 148 in terms of Internet bandwidth in kilobits per user, and Hotel Management spoke with experts from around the industry to find out how this could affect U.S. hotels.



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