Online campaigns aren’t just online

Increasingly, hotel marketers are finding the need to take into account offline channels when designing strategies for online campaigns. 

Despite the explosion in online channels in recent years, print media remains important because consumers view it as having a high credibility, said Brian Dass, VP of digital marketing at AutoClerk Digital. 

Streaming music and bandwidth

Matching up the right music and atmosphere is a perfect mix for guests. Pictured here is the InterContinental Milwaukee.


Hotels no longer have to fear that their music selection will grow out of date thanks to the capabilities of music streaming. “We previously had a traditional music system found in the average office space,” said Timothy Smith, GM of the InterContinental Milwaukee. “We came across the system we have now that streams music from the Internet, and while it was initially a bandwidth concern we don’t have any problems.”

Accessing Guestroom Safes Talking RFID

With RFID locks rising in popularity, some hotel safe manufacturers are looking to adapt the technology for room safes.

RFID safes allow guests to use their room key to open the safe, which eliminates the need to create and memorize a passcode, said Bill Oliver, president for North America, VingCard Elsafe.


The new LTX-3 safe from Safemark has a custom finish on the front.


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